Strong foundation

Your time will come. I know it. Don’t worry about the short term glories some people around you may get. What God promises you is of another level. Your success is made for much larger audiences, for a much larger impact. Never lose your focus. The glits and glams of an easy life lead nowhere. What matters are the building blocks you are setting for your future. Keep on going, never stop. The grass always seems greener next door but remember it has its ugly side too. There is more than what meets the eye. That is true concerning the person you are too. Your recognition will come in due time and in much larger scale you will not even remember the next door grass but will be filled with abundance on your side of the lawn. Don’t panic now. Instead focus on building those blocks of yours step by step. You will get there. You must.

57 thoughts on “Strong foundation

    1. Wow what a powerful inspiration! God knows what He is doing you are right indeed! Glad you were able to find somthing for yourself in this blog and may it help you wherever you are at in your journey. God bless and have a lovely day😄


  1. Soooo nicee! I think about this almost everyday… Telling myself to work hard so that I’ll say i am proud of my past and glad that i worked hard ✨❤🤗😃

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  2. I needed to hear this! It felt like God was saying that to me and I have to build those steps. Thank you. And I shared this on Facebook.

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