Set high standards

In life, do what makes you feel great. Do what makes you feel important. Because if it is something that you wish for with all your heart, if it is done with God’s love, then it is the right thing. Don’t worry about the people who will discourage you on the way. This is your journey and it is your responsibility to make sure it fits your standards. You are worthy of the best there is so don’t be afraid to dream big. Fake it ’til you make it, they say. Don’t be afraid to ask for the best. Because it will show the world that you are ready for that big break coming your way. Put all the efforts, all the love, all the passion out there and fight your way through. You’ll see it’s worth it. I can’t promise you the results but I can promise you a heck of a ride for your life. So go out there and just do it. Set high standards and be the best you you could ever be, doing the meaningful things you’ve always wanted to do. That is what is going to make you stand out in a crowd.

57 thoughts on “Set high standards

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I really needed it 😉 i am starting my New year of acedemic from 1st and was feeling a bit low.
    Thanks!! ✨❤🤗

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