Thank you God

Never let circumstances overtake you. You are stronger than your mind. You are tougher than the events that happen to you. A bad day happens. Take it in. The lesson is: tomorrow you’ll make it a better day. Cause you’ll get up and grind. Let today rest in peace and attack tomorrow with venom and… Continue reading Thank you God



You let yourself feel those emotions you are feeling. It’s ok to not have it all sometimes it’s ok to feel bad. Just know that it won’t last and it shouldn’t and tomorrow is another day and you will get back up, the sun will rise again, you will feel better. Today is a battlefield… Continue reading MR HAVE IT ALL

Status quo

The comfort zone is dead. Promise me you won’t stay in your little zone. You won’t stay in your fears. You won’t be scared of what you think anymore. If there’s something you want you’ll reach for it. You won’t look back and you won’t think twice. You will live. No more living with your… Continue reading Status quo