God’s values.

Never forget who you are or where you come from. It is your roots, your unshakeable ground. Too often times we forget about our traditions, the work of our ancestors, their honorable battles, the values that were engraned into this world. These are your guidance when everything else around you is crumbling down or not… Continue reading God’s values.


Status quo

The comfort zone is dead. Promise me you won’t stay in your little zone. You won’t stay in your fears. You won’t be scared of what you think anymore. If there’s something you want you’ll reach for it. You won’t look back and you won’t think twice. You will live. No more living with your… Continue reading Status quo

Strong foundation

Your time will come. I know it. Don’t worry about the short term glories some people around you may get. What God promises you is of another level. Your success is made for much larger audiences, for a much larger impact. Never lose your focus. The glits and glams of an easy life lead nowhere.… Continue reading Strong foundation