I have to succeed. I cannot aford to waste a lifetime. I cannot aford to stop midway. I have to go all the way. All the way to the top. I cannot let my dreams and my hopes go to waste, be shatered on the ground by losing time or letting the slightest failure keep me down. I simply cannot stand it. It is too easy to get lost in the day to day routine of life, to keep pushing things until tomorrow, to always find an excuse. I say enough! Enough excuses, enough looking back, enough postponing, talking about what I want to become but not actually reaching for it. It is just pure lies. Do you realise? Tick tock…

Your true life, the one with a meaning, the one where you do what you were supposed to do all along, it starts the minute you understand this message.

Yours truly,


31 thoughts on “SUCCESS

  1. It occurs to me: what is your definition of success? Sometimes what we think we are “supposed to do” ends up being a step along the path of our ultimate journey. I agree that making excuses instead of taking action just prolongs the pain of your soul. But taking small or large steps toward the goal will get you there.

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    1. Success means different things for different people. I guess in this post I am talking career related success and going after your dream job instead of “settling” for a 9-5 job. Hope this makes more sense and thank you for your comment!!

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  2. Success is an illusion and it does not exist is the reality. No one knows how a so called ‘successful’ person is doing in his/her very own life! Even who are considered as successful, can not feel it, all that can be felt is a bit of happiness or if not, consent.
    Moreover this term sounds like judging people too soon. Till the game is ON, nothing can be said about anyone/anything

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