Carpe Diem

Cristian Mihai

We spend an awful lot of time passively assuming we’ll live forever. What I mean by that? Well… binge watching TV, or scrolling through various newsfeeds on social media. Staring at pictures from people we don’t know on Instagram. A movie marathon involving a series of movies we don’t even like that much.

We build this intricate web of routines. We do the same things over and over again. We want comfort. We want safety. We want certainty.

But we also crave adventure.

How many things have you already postponed for tomorrow?

How many plans have you exiled to a distant future? When you’ll be ready, when you’ll feel like it, when you’ll have the money, the connections,  the time, the courage?

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13 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. I was shown an illustration when I was in my twenties that has stayed with me over the years. Get a tape measure that is at least 10 feet, or meters, long. Each inch, or cm, equals one year of your life. Consider living to 85 inches (cm). I’m now at 57 inches…

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    1. Wow such a powerful image!! It does stick! It shows how ephemere we are and we keep on living like we’ll live forever instead of making the most of each cm… I wish you all the best in your journey and to make it as filled with life as you possibly can!!


  2. The comfort zone is really difficult to escape for many of us. But I suppose when you really want something – when it’s a passion, and that is stronger than the anxiety or fear of the new opportunity – you push through all of that and stop making excuses. You do it, and you then grow.

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