Reinvent yourself

Time to reinvent yourself.

In life there are twists and turns but at every corner there could be something new that could completely change your course of action. Thus you have to be prepared, to be flexible to adapt and face any situation. And if something doesn’t go right, learn from it and grow from it. Constantly reinvent yourself. The way you look at the world is your own. The only thing you own actually. How ypu decide to view events. They can bring ypu down if you DECIDE to let it bring you down or it can make tou a better, wiser person if you DECIDE to. Your perspective is your own. Your set of mind. That is you.

If you want/ need to reinvent yourself, the first thing is to see the world around you differently. To imagine that everuday is a blessing, that everyday is an opportunity to change something within you or within the world. If you look at the world with the eyes of a child and keep hope and accept that not everything is perfect but YOU can change something that isn’t working, that you can actually be useful and precious to thia earth, leave a trace, then you will find hope. Let that hope lead into action. Do not accept the fatalities of the earth, rather decide to act upon them, to change them. Because that is what you were sent in for. Just find what problem it is you want to focus on. What need. And go for it. Find your purpose. Reinvent yourself to reinvent the world around you.


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