Trust your gut

I AM BACK. Where was I would you ask? Right here. Learning as one does about the pearks of life. Trying some things out. But I am back. And this time for good. This time I will not let them lead me in the dirrection they want me to go. I will go my own way. Follow my heart. Follow God’s mission. The one He so pursposefully lay out for me. No one else will understand. No one else is meant to understand it. It is why it is so special. Sometimes the hardest of paths have to be waked alone for a while. Because they are the only ones which are truly great. You know the way. You’ve known it all along. Now just trust your guts and follow it. Do you trust your gut?


19 thoughts on “Trust your gut

  1. My”gut” usually is The Holy Spirit” talking to me – nudging me this way and that. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the Holy Spirit and the fear or procrastination that also speaks at times. But, generally, the power of the Spirit overwhelms those other voices. How does your “gut” speak to you?

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