You live you

People come and go you can’t expect them to all stay. Only very few will. Don’t worry about it or regret. It is not worth it. Only time will tell who the real ones are. You will know. You will see. Keep faith. Your time will come. It will all make sense one day. Keep making efforts, keep working hard, keep pushing, never give up, never stop believing, keep your head up. Always. “Chin up, Smiles on!”. You are in the right path if you follow your heart and your dreams and belive in what you do. Doesn’t matter if they don’t. They don’t live you. You live you.


12 thoughts on “You live you

  1. I don’t agree – there is a time for joy and regret to… ppl com and despair and it’s natural… and natural is to fell lost for it… you don’t have to pretend that you don’t feel it… simply.. be yourself, don’t pretend…

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