Thank you God

Never let circumstances overtake you. You are stronger than your mind. You are tougher than the events that happen to you. A bad day happens. Take it in. The lesson is: tomorrow you’ll make it a better day. Cause you’ll get up and grind. Let today rest in peace and attack tomorrow with venom and spice. You got this. It is only the start. Your journey is full of wonders. Don’t give up now. Don’t take everything so seriously. Have faith. Keep pushing. Keep being you. Keep being awesome. You will get there. Because God intended it so. Never forget, lose faith or lose sight of your purpose. You got this. Everything happens for a reson. God has a plan. Tomorrow will be better. You deserve the world. Do everything in your power to go get it. Keep your head up and your smile on. Life goes on. Life is meant for you. Life is worth it. Life is all you need.

Breathe. Have faith. Thank you God.


10 thoughts on “Thank you God

      1. Yes! staying strong! 😀 cause life is amazing and it teaches is something every day! A reminder for you that you are amazing 🙂 Happy friendship day hehe! 😀

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