Life is too short

Don’t wait around for them to recognise or to appreciate you. It’s their loss. But the train must move on and you should keep on doing amazing things. Not just to prove anything to them, no but for yourself, because life is too precious to spare waiting on someone who dossn’t appreciate you. They won’t change their mind? Fine, that is not your job to do. Just keep doing your thing, the amazing things you were meant to do and be proud of yourself. Because no one will support you if you don’t support yourself. So be proud of yourself first. Smile, be happy, be crazy. And then you’ll see who joins you and who deserves to be with you.❤


12 thoughts on “Life is too short

  1. It is important that one makes a life for himself first and not live a kind of life tailored just to please someone else. One loses himself so easily and feels devastated when all one’s dreams and hopes(with that someone) do not go through.

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