There are always doubts, days you feel gloomy, tired, overwhermed. This happens. It doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path, it doesn’t mean you are useless. You won’t be 1000% all the time. Take this time to rest, not to loose confidence. You can do this. You are on the right path. You may not see it yet, it may all be blurry but it is worth it. You want to change your life, have good habits? Have a strong WANT. A REASON TO WAKE UP EVERY MORNING. A GOAL. This is what will move you forward. Until you find it, that motivation, you will doubt yourself. Set a goal. Whatever it is. Believe in it so hard that you take every step necessary to get there. GET THERE. Don’t look back. Go get it.

Why do you have no energy? Because your want isn’t strong enough. Not strong enough to get you out of bed.


13 thoughts on “WANT

  1. It took me SO long to realise this!!
    I have also learned that you have to test your goals. Some aren’t a good fit. I have beaten myself half to death with goals, only to find that setting a different goal made the whole thing a million times easier. I think there is an art to goal setting.

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      1. I think so. I’m testing it in my own life at the moment. I’ve tried a couple of times to explain it but I’m still at the point where the explanation falls apart in my hands – but when I work out how to share it so it makes sense, I’ll let you know 🙂

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  2. Do you want to raise your motivation to act with such slogans? And why do you think that people are depressed … I am happy, energetic, giving, enjoying … Do not be too anxious about others. Give yourself better to someone who is close to you and you do not notice him. Barbara z Polski

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