I am ready

I feel like myself again. Where was I? Lost in the detours life can take you on, stranded on the sidewalk, blind, wasting my time, beeing oblivious to His light and to the calling. Lost comparing myself to others, trying so desperately hard to be like them, while I didn’t see I was losing myself and the essence of what made me great in the process. Trying to please everyone around me while forgetting this life is mine and made to accomplish God’s will. Not theirs. His. So now, I must let myself go in the direction I was always meant to go, no matter the hardships. I AM READY.


15 thoughts on “I am ready

  1. Amen!!! My prayers go with you! I am on the same kind of quest. Know that everything I would ask of God for my guidance… I will also ask for you! Be a blessing to someone, (or animal) , and your journey will have much more joy than hardships! And God will smile! To me…That’s what it’s all about!!
    Be strong and graceful! Drew!💞🐾🙏👼🕊

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