COMMUNICATION: The key. The crazy. The shitty.

Communication. So simple yet so hard. The key to a good relationship and also what could cause it to go havock. Puting your thoughts into words even though thoughts are abstracts and words alone cannot fully describe them. Then there’s miscommunication. Everything you are not saying. Because you choose to hide it or because you simply don’t even know how to say it. The key and the key hole at the same time. Because it is the problem and the solution. Use your words wisely. They all count.

To some people we can only oncover one side of ourselves. But the thing is we are 3 dimentionnal. We have the good and the crazy. What you need is someone you can be your full self with. Who GETS your crazy. Who shares it with you. Even though it is bad, even though it is tough. They can deal with your shit and you with theirs. That’s the key.

(Not that I know what the hell I’m talking about btw but just thoughts😉)


13 thoughts on “COMMUNICATION: The key. The crazy. The shitty.

    1. Si es increible porque puedes ablar y ablar con alguien sin jamas pensar que lo conices bien. Siempre ay cosas que decimos y otras que olcultamos. Suerte con todo y gracias por tu commentario que me encanto leerte. (Quisas hise algunas errores porque todavia estoy apprendiendo el español)😄

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