Who’s the boss?

Life only works if you do. Give your best effort, go the extra mile, be passionate about what you do. Too often people do the strict minimum required from them, whethet at a job or in a class. Do you want to get there? Do you want to make it? Because unless you are giving your 100%, you are wasting your time. It is about time you take control of your life and start living more from intention, less from habit. Be there. Be present. Be in the moment. You are the only one in charge here! Don’t be afraid to do more, be better than the rest and stand out. You were born a leader. The leader of YOUR life.

20 thoughts on “Who’s the boss?

  1. Just empowering as always! 😍😃 Keep writing dear! You don’t know how great work you are doing! This is truely amazing.. Everytime i read, it inspires me to work harder! ❤✨

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  2. I realize that I study but I think it is burden on me but if I am passionate about the subject then I will look to gain knowledge instead of just studying to pass or get minimum marks required.

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