SOS Times

These are dangerous times. Media infiltrates our minds and our very core of thinking. Our very sanity. Destroyed. Innocence perverted. Don’t let them take away our God. Don’t let them taint you with their sins. I call on you, rightful reader to stand up for God and our marched upon beliefs. I call on you to stay strong and stay firm. That our convictions are necessary and that we must stand tall even if we are the only ones to stand. You will not pervert me.

19 thoughts on “SOS Times

  1. Love this. So true. Let’s all stay alert!
    Hi empoweredeveryday. I’ve nominated you for a 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge. You can get the info you need at my latest blog post. Hope you’re up for it, I’ve a feeling you’ll do really well! Peace n love.

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