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A big thank you to mexi minnesotana for her support towards my blog!! Couldn’t be more grateful. I do this because it is a way for me to express what I think and reflect on what I go through everyday. Everyday I learn and through those learnings I try to get something out of it and those thoughts I write here in my blog. If some of you can benefit from that then it is amazing. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

mexi minnesotana

snowy Saturday It’s the day before EASTER, for goodness sake.

This Saturday I bring you a snowy Minnesota, day before Easter picture so you can see why I am looking forward to my long weekend in Arizona in only 6 days. When I returned home from my trip this Wednesday, I noted that most of the snow had melted off, and there were only some remnants from the big piles that had been made. But here you can see what we deal with in so-called Spring. And you can also see that my Willy-cat has made a mess of our screen if you look closely. Lol.

empowered everydayCover from Empowered Everyday

So anyway, not that I want your sympathy, but this is perhaps why Minnesotans can be prolific writers in the winter – weather conditions make it necessary to write so we retain our sanity!

Today I would like to refer a blog…

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