I’mma laugh too!

There is no such thing as humiliation. You just have to learn to laugh about yourself and get the lesson from it. Everything in life makes you grow. It is the way you react to what happens that makes the whole difference. So show you are strong, show you are above it by laughing WITH them. I promise it makes the whole world of difference. Always wear your pride high. Don’t show the shame they wish you would show. Instead face the fears, face the criticisms, face the mockeries and laugh so loud you kill them with the sound of your laughter. Be brave. Be bold. Be You.


43 thoughts on “I’mma laugh too!

  1. Knowing, deep down, that laughing is just a way to see the other side of failed seriousness, it makes no sense to see laughing with resentment when we all realize that it’s just another language meaning; Take from it what you need to go on successfully …
    Great empowered thought …


  2. Yeah! Those who make a fool out of others know that they are already fools.
    It’s best to laugh away at lame mockery that just arises from their own inferiority complexes.
    Laugh heartily at yourself. You know who you truly are.

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      1. That’s why I always say and I have also commented this on some other posts also…these are my words..

        “Fools are those who laugh at others, the genius laughs at himself.”

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