Your homework

Hope is never lost. Always have faith in this world. That things will turn out for the best, that your world will make sense again, that God is here to protect you and even though you might not see it now, great things are coming your way. So just hang on there and keep on believing. For one day, all your efforts and hard work will pay off. But have you done your homework? Have you given it all you got, in order to achieve that one thing, that one vision, that one life you want? It is about time you stop screwing around and get to business. The clock is ticking. Act now.

19 thoughts on “Your homework

  1. Yes!!
    The clock tick tocs!
    and i ran out without socks
    Dosen’t matter.. gotta do the homework!

    lol.. i really don’t know what stupid lines i wrote! 😀 haha! But yeah i’ll do my homework 🙂

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