Never give up the fight. Even if you are standing alone, even if it is just you against everybody else. Never give up. Never let intimidation or fear take over. You were given a mission. The others don’t know about it. They don’t understand. They don’t see it. The vision. The purpose. You see it. You know it. You fight for it. You are like God’s soldier. You fight in His name and you fight for what you believe is right. You have all the tools to succeed. Will you use them? I know I will. Bring it on. IT IS ON.


17 thoughts on “IT IS ON

  1. Inspiring post! It gave me the strength to carry out my mission, God’s vision/will for me. He gave me an assignment, purpose to be here on Earth. I will fight to get it done. 😃

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      1. Thank you. You have a loyal follower right here. I can see God working through you to reach people. I love it when I see him doing that!! God bless too! 😊🌴🥥

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