Be fearless

Be fearless. Be bold. Take chances. Don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest. Take every opportunity. Every step closer to success. Make this life your own. You might lose you might win. But never be afraid to try. It is only those who try who succeed. But while you see their success, you aren’t seeing the 1000 times before that where they failed. And got back up. And failed again. But that’s part of it. The only way to get things moving are by making mistakes. For they show you have tried. And you are one step closer to success with all you’ve learned from those failures. So be brave and make mistakes today.

44 thoughts on “Be fearless

  1. I like the basic idea here, but I do not think we can ever get rid of fear. I like how Liz Gilbert talks about fear as something important to us as humans. It kept us alive, after all, when predators were chasing us. So we never truly get rid of it. But when we learn to manage fear, and realize that it is usually something in our minds, rather in reality, that is when magic starts to happen.

    I love the idea of being brave and making mistakes though. That’s what we all need to do in this life to grow and learn. Thanks for your wisdom.

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  2. I’m on a mission to write the perfect poem. Haven’t yet so far and keep on trying. I have managed to write a lot of good ones (so others tell me) along the way. 🙂 0f course the good ones would never have been written if I’d given up and stopped trying to write that perfect poem. 🙂

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  3. Sooooo awweeessoooommmeeeee! 💞😃✨😊😊😊 As always empowered. Thanks. You are doing great work in spreading peace and strength!! Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎁

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  4. Very true … what’s behind success goes unnoticed for many … Excited people seem to be ready to praise successful people but only the deep – sighted know that every step into success, however, hard earned, paid off …

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