What is your meaning?

What value can you bring to this world? What trace can you leave behind? What is your purpose? What is your motive? We are all here for a reason. But what is it? Some people spend their lifetime in the shadows or hiding from their potential. They don’t see it. It never happens. How can YOU be different and create a life that MATTERS?? How can you be of use to others, to this world? What can you bring to the table? Don’t just sit there and relax. Be proactive. Go seek for that success that is awaiting. Move. Do something. For if you don’t the opportunity will pass you by and you will forever be left wondering of what could have been. Don’t. Now is the time. So tell me, what is YOUR meaning?

29 thoughts on “What is your meaning?

  1. Great and important questions. It is very hard to answer with couple words. I agree with you, that we should live the race behind, and that we all have some purpose.But we should be honest with ourselves and to try to find that purpose. We know the answers. Our heart know what we want. We must be brave to achieve our purpose

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  2. Sometimes we needed to be asked these powerful questions to stop us from complaining about minor things and start focusing on what matters the most—our purpose in this life. Thanks for this short but strong words to keep us going 💙

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  3. Your blogs really empower! The one who gets answers of the questions knows the importance of its living 🙂 Thanks a lot for sending so great positive vibes! 😀

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  4. Great post. I definitely liked the title of your blog post. Sometimes we try to figure it out on our own, but we should just turn to the One who knows who we are and why we were created.

    This reminds me of a song by Casey J called Have Your Way.

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