The tough one

In life you have the choice. You always have the choice. You can either go with it, accept the day to day routine and keep your dreams and hopes at the very back of your mind or you can say “STOP!” and building block after building block start acting upon them. The easy or the hard road basically. If you chose the hard one you must accept defeat, failures and being hit so hard in the stomack you feel like you will throw up. Figuratively. Of course. But the point is it will hurt. And it will require efforts and a never ending burning desire to achieve. Know that. Be prepared. Accept it with a smile. Always. Keep pushing. You have a fire in you. It is up to you to keep the flame alive. How do you cultivate a flame? How do you make sure your motivation never fails, your focus is never lost and your dreams never given up on? That is for you to discover. But one thing is sure if you are going to go down that road, if you chose to, you need an action plan. And you need to stick to it. So bring it on baby and let the games begin!

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