The lost thief

Injustices are made. Hard work gets lost. Valuable things get stolen. And countless others. But you mustn’t get fooled by surprise. You must be prepared. For even the worse to happen. You must think ahead and plan accordingly. Everyday you make choices. Make the right ones. The ones that matter the most. Always be a step ahead. Expect the danger before it arrives in order to be able to tackle it better. So that you won’t be told “I told you so”. If you want to be responsible, take the necessary actions to have options once the worst happens. Because it’s going to happen. But when it does and you HAVE lost everything, Don’t be fooled by the surprise, don’t waste one minute and rebuild it back up. Or move on. But whatever you do. Don’t morne over it. Don’t let it get to you if there is nothing you can do about it. Let go of the things you cannot control and start acting on the ones you CAN.

25 thoughts on “The lost thief

  1. Ho capito solo …………… che la vita è un gioco. Ed in base a questo de3vi sempre essere col sorriso sulle labbra e non il dito sulla bocca ………… come silenzio.
    Scusa amico o amica per la traduzione di google
    Sorry friend or friend for the google translation
    I understood only …………… that life is a game. And based on this, always be with a smile on the lips and not the finger on the mouth ………… as silence.

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  2. You just reminded me of my ex boyfriend and how he left😃i was seeing everything like a movie or maybe i was imagining that the relationship will soon be over but when it happened,😉he said to me afterwards that i was so calm when he took the decision and i told him that i saw it coming😍.sometimes we don’t want to accept it until it comes like a surprise but No, its not always a surprise, its just that we refuse to see it when it was boldly written.Thanks for this post,you made me remember my past😄

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