Do you see?

Do you see it? Do you see the life that is awaiting in front of you? The magic about to unravel before your eyes. Yes this life, the life of your dreams is just a step away. If you could only reach out. If you would only take that step. That step is the distance between your bad habits and your good ones, your lazyness and your proactiveness, your fears and your confidence, your self esteem, your motivation, your initiatives. Why fear? Why be insecure? Leave those behind. For they have no reason to be. God is with you. He did not make you so that you would be ashamed of yourself, but rather proud. Not for you to stay in the shadows but rather be seen. Don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel guilty. For if you follow your heart to make the right decisions and if you stay true to you and your values, you have little margin for error. So stop questioning your worth and start cultivating it. Believe in your path, believe in your potential and believe in yourself and lead your decisions with all the heart that you have. Stand your ground and watch the world flourish around you as you walk…

25 thoughts on “Do you see?

  1. Like always! You write soo beautifully and always inspire me to write something! Thanks a lot.. for teaching me playing with words and beauty! i love all your posts! 😃

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      1. Ah! Thanks a lot dear! 😃 Just inspired by beautiful people like you! And learning every day 😊😊 thanks for your lovely words!

        Liked by 1 person

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