Promise me

Whatever happens promise me. Promise me that you will never fade away from who you are, that you will always stand by your values and your self, that you will always aspire for greater things, that you will never lose your focus and you will always move forward. Promise me that whatever happens in life you will stand tall, never take no for an answer, always push yourself, always speek up for what you believe. Even if you are the only one to believe the way you do. Doesn’t mean you aren’t right. Doesn’t mean you are irrelevant. Doesn’t mean you should be quiet. Never be quiet. Speak up your mind. Never let other people decide for you or influence you or take away your autonomy. You are wise enough to know what is good for you and what you want. Promise me you will never lose faith, in yourself.

40 thoughts on “Promise me

  1. Hi friend. Right now am going through a lot of problems which force me to admit failure. But I have will power to fight against all odds. I have found a perfect site where I get some more positive thoughts. Thank you for this wonderful work. Many like me will be definitely inspired by your thoughts.

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    1. You only decide when it is over. If you want to fight some more then it is noy over. You have the power within you to move mountains. No matter the circumstance, no matter the failures, the drawbacks. There is always a light at the end of the tunnerl. There is no failure if you don’t want there to be. There are only lessons. You het back up and you fight some more. Because you are stronger than yesterday and wiser then when you started. Take this moment in. Cherish it for it is yours to keep and to learn from and to come back so much stronger from the storm. It is only over if you believe so. All the best to you on your journey and I am very happy and honoured to meet you and learn a bit more about you. 😉

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    2. Stay blessed friend. Yes this is perfect website for inspiration. Our dear empowered always spread smiles on our faces. Stay strong friend. 😊 All will be fine soon!

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  2. This is soo nice post empowered! 😃 I promise I’ll never lose hopes no matter what happens! 😊

    Stay blessed friend!✨ Have a great day ahead! 😃

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      1. I have veryyy busy.. but great as well! 😉😊 Just happy that i am back! Sry for being away so long.. that was cause of
        How about you dear? All fine your side? ❤

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  3. Of all the most vital and motivating words the human language has to offer…I must say…these are the most powerful, beautiful and blessed words any one could ever say to themselves or another person.
    Blessed Peace and God’s Light be with you always!📖👏 Thank you so much! 🌠 Andrea Gaines.

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    1. Thank you so much for your touching words! I am honoured by your enthousiasm for my writings! I do hope these get to help others in their journey no matter what they are going through. God bless your kind soul and may He give you all the hapiness you deserve. Have a lovely day!

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