Beliefs: Real and fake

Some people spend days, years even a lifetime “searching for themselves”. I say STOP. You are just wasting your time. There has never been a greater lie. You are who you are. It is inside you. Who you have always been. There is no question to have. It is who you were since the very first day you were born, who you were when you were a kid, as a teenage, as a adult… It doesn’t change. Sure we grow up, we mature, we learn, we correct some things, but ultimately, it is still you. Still the same person who wakes up every morning, with those beliefs, those values, those goals, those passions.

It is always you. You haven’t changed, you are still you. So stop finding excuses for your lame self and start becoming your better self. Your real self. You might need a big slap in the face that might be all you need my friend. Wake up and start living a life from intention. Look inside of you for what makes you happy, what activities, sports, skills, passion, and start investing in that. Your time and your energy. More often then not it is what has been following you throughout your childhood. Think about the people you love and invest in them as well. More often then not these are your family.

The fact both of these things have always been there also proves YOU have always been there. You are never lost. So quit wasting your time overthinking and start doing. Live by intention instead of being passive.

But you want to know the real secret? Why do some people always know who they are? Because they believe in GOD. panorama-miami-florida-water-346286

36 thoughts on “Beliefs: Real and fake

    1. It does help. It is a way of life. It makes you wake up every morining with a purpose, with a sense to your life. To spread His good news and to be a better person. It makes you see you are not alone in life, you have a guiding star. It makea you see you are here to bring something to others, to the world. To accomplish His mission. It gives you values to stand by and an outlook on life that is unique. It gives you confidence and it brings you happiness. It definitely helps.

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      1. I’m an atheist and I have all of those things without a guide. I know that I am to feed the hungry, help and be kind to others, be a good person. I am confident and happy. As for the alone part, well that’s just sad. I was born alone, I’ll die alone, and in between I had amazing people in my life that I loved and loved me. None of us are alone. Not because there’s a God, because there’s a humanity. And it’s important to enjoy being alone sometimes, to find happiness and joy in who you are. Being alone isn’t a bad thing like you make it sound.

        Did you really need a God to teach you to bring kindness to others? How sad.
        It really bothers me that people think that we can’t be humanists unless we believe in God. My apologies, I’m not trying to start anything here – I just really feel a need to point out that there are amazing humanists in the world who don’t believe in God. I’m one of them! And I know thousands more. In fact, I see them to be less judging than people of religion. Even you stating that it ‘helps’ is a judgement in itself – it is saying that people of religion are better people than atheists because they are ‘a better person’.
        Believe me, I know many religious people and many atheists – truth be told, every atheist I know is a better person than any religious person I know. Hands down. Religion teaches to judge, to divide, to fear an entity that supposedly is loving, yet does so many non loving things.
        Also, religion and God are two separate things that I speak of here.

        Anyway, it is very unfortunate that you need to believe in a God in order to be a good person and find your purpose in life. But that is how it worked out for you. There are tons of us who figured it out without having to believe in something fictitious, and we deserve to not be treated as if we couldn’t possible know our path (your path is what you make it by the way), or be good people because we don’t believe in God.

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      2. I do wonder what your purpose in life is though… if it is just to be then good for you but this isn’t what I stive to. I’d rather make a difference, and change things in the world. You speak as if my only reason to be kind was because of fear of God. That couldn’t be further from the truth. But I do want to ask you one question. Why? Why did we get created then? Why did it all happen? Not how but why.

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      3. Ahaha! Perhaps we are. You seem to be the expert so I guess your idea based on some book you read that you have no knowledge on the history or preservation of is best to believe. Start there and then we can chat.

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      4. Here, let me explain this in the best, most simple way I can. Maybe then you’ll understand. There are over 300 Gods that people believe in, hopefully you do realize this. You believe the one that you believe in is the right, true God. You believe the others are not. I just believe in one less God than you do 😊. You have a nice day too

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      5. Well it’s a bit righteous to suggest that the only way to a fulfilling life is through God. So yes, I imagine you must have known someone would point that out. You’re welcome. I’m used to religious people thinking such silly things. I used to be one of those religious people myself. So when I comment on here, try. It to take it personally, I was just as hard on myself at one time. All part of the growth :). I hope one day you’ll get there too. All the best.


      1. So we all agree that God is a terrible choice of words if the poster was referring to what you claim. Either that or they actually did mean God. It’s all good, I just wanted to point out that there’s a whole population of good people out there who don’t believe in an entity. And we are awesome! 😏

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    1. I think some people just find out that maybe they are not cool. that is a very bigattraction and peer pressure. But you are right it is within you and hopefully the Holy Spirit is too who is our power to be our best selves in the Lord.

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