No People Pleaser

Never be a people pleaser. You are not meant to be perfect, you are not meant to be loved by everyone. You are meant to be true to you. It is ok not to get along with everyone, it is ok to speak the truth, to speak up you mind about some people. Because being appealing to everyone would mean being appealing to anyone. You are not anyone. Give yourself the means to be different. Ask for different. And you will attract different. You have the right to be picky about who you choose to hang out with. Because ultimately those are the people who will influence you and on whom you will be spending time. Don’t be afraid to be with the best to become the best. Surround yourself with the people whom you look up to, whom you want to become. Not because they are popular or cool, but because they are great. You want to get there? Start by being true to you and surrounding yourself with people who can bring to you, not people who are constantly bringing you down. Be wise in your decisions, in your frequentations for they are a reflection of who you are.

It is by being your true self, by speaking out your truth, that your personality will show and will attract the right people in your life. pexels-photo-552793

31 thoughts on “No People Pleaser

  1. I,by experience ,totally agree.Since I stopped tried to please everybody I feel free and much more happy with myself.Anyway you cannot please everybody.
    I can also see the long term damages this attitude does.thanks for an other great true post.😊

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  2. I agree with you,

    you can not pleased every person around you. You can try but what about you. I have a friend which tries to please everyone, and as the result of that she got dissatisfaction with her own life.

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    1. That is true. Being a people pleaser is a form if lie. You cannot be satisfied if you constantly have to fake it. It is a form of hypocrisy. You have to be able to say no, to disagree, to speak your mind, even if it is hard. Thanks for sharing some thoughts. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. So often people pleasing starts after a traumatic experience in a young person’s life. It can be difficult to even understand what triggered the fear of failing. An irrational fear of chaos or loneliness hunts the people pleaser. It takes a lot of courage to admit this fear and move past it.

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  4. An enemy once called me “indestructible”. Perhaps that is so, and yes, I am picky as to who I fancy, romantically, and as to with whom I spend time. That is okay with the Universe, as I don’t seek to deprive anyone else of their inherent rights.

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  5. Actually you write a five hundred page book in just one page. Your messages are short and sweet. It inspires to read more and more. But this one page has message for whole life. Great..

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  6. This is a great post aboout who we were meant to be. I liked when you said, “It is by being your true self, by speaking out your truth, that your personality will show and will attract the right people in your life. ”

    God created each of us to be fearfully and wonderfully made. We weren’t created to be people pleaser but people who worship God the Father.

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    1. Bless you for this amazing comment. Your words speak a thousand truths and you are so right. We are better off showing our true colours from the start and standing by what we believe in as much as possible then hiding away what we think. In this way we are not only true to ourselves but to God. A wonderful day to you!

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