Alone in a crowd

Only the ones who take a chance, an absolutely crazy one will create an absolutely amazing path. So you shouldn’t be afraid to beat all odds and stand alone in a crowd. Build your path now. Build it so that it is your own and it stands out from the traditional routines everybody else suffers through. Take a chance today to create the life of your dreams tomorrow.

This is your route. You are the only judge of the quality of it. You need to give yourself the means. By differentiating yourself. When they go left, you go right. You are different because you realize the power within you and you put it to work for good.

29 thoughts on “Alone in a crowd

  1. i love this so so much. though i don’t think we exactly need to “give ourselves the means”, i believe we have to know deep deep down that the means were always within us, always within reach. i love your blog so so much……like it is one of my favorites. 💙💙 thank you, yet again.

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  2. This is so inspiring and very timely for me at the moment so thank you! I have just started my blog and feel confident at long last to say I’m a writer. I really want this for myself and know I can make it work but I also know that until I make some money from it, people won’t believe it! I guess until then, I’ll make my own way and be alone in the crowd!
    I’m loving your posts, thanks for the follow.
    Peace and love,

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    1. Thank you for your amazing comment. Welcome to wordpress and keep up your great job. You have everything in you to make it work. Let your uniqueness show through your writing and bring your value to the world. That would be my word of advice. All the best to you!


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