Set the limit early on

Stand up for yourself cause no one else will. Don’t let them talk to you like that. It’s at the very beginning that you have to set the limits. Don’t let it happen. Don’t let them talk to you like that. Fight for yourself, to get the respect you deserve. Do it now so you won’t regret it later. Set the limits today.

This is how people will respect you. A couple of years ago, I had a group work to do with a few guys who had a head bigger than the whole solar system. Long story short they would talk to me wrong, call me names.. all while assuring me they were just “kidding” and I shouldn’t take it seriously. What a joke. One day, they were supposed to send me some file containing feedback from our work but they just didn’t feel like doing it. So I said enough is enough, I got up in the middle of the room while people were at various tables talking about the next task that was given to us, I went to them and I started spitting out their truth to their faces. I got so mad, so direct, and so sure of myself, they were shocked. They even came to apologise after that. and you know what? To this day, they haven’t stopped being nice to me, asking how I was each time they see me, RESPECTING ME. That my dear, that is strength.

15 thoughts on “Set the limit early on

  1. I wonder whether they are being authentic in their anewed behaviour toward you or mask resentment and fear?
    I most definitely agree with setting limits early on. A firm boundary sets a precedent and is much more likely to be adhered to. Using ‘broken record’ techniques are also effective when someone is resistant or
    wilful or in opposition to your boundary setting.
    Happy New Year

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