The impossible

Don’t worry. There is a place for you here. Actually, there is a place for everyone if you reach out, if you try your best and never give up. Defy time. Do the impossible and surpass limits nobody thought were surpassable. You’ll see it’s worth the try.

Sky is the limit. No more stopping. No more excuses. No more feeling sorry for yourself. You are you. No take back. You have the power to move mountains and defy gravity. You are so much more powerful than you think. You have that driving force inside you. It calls you. It’s telling you, you can accomplish the impossible, right here, right now. Do it.

If the sky is the limit…..Go there.

28 thoughts on “The impossible

    1. The truth is that I do not speak English but I am learning, because I love reading your blog, of course with the help of a translator. I would be very happy if you go through my blog, this has translators. Greetings.

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  1. How true this is. A year ago, I wanted to be a writer and now, at the end of 2017, I have 7 pieces picked up for publication(poetry mainly but flash fiction as well). All I did was buckle down, focus, discipline myself and attack this thing with everything I have. I can only imagine where I’ll be at in a year from now.

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