One of them

Never fear to be ridiculous. Put yourself out there. Be heard. You were born with a voice, use it. You have everything you need and much more inside of you. Get it out there. Share it with the world. You will gain so much from it and will bring so much to others, you do not even realize it yet. Trust me it is worth the try. Yes there will be mean comments, yes some people will not understand you and think you are weird, crazy. So what? It is only the craziest of us who succeed. The question is do you want to be one of them?

26 thoughts on “One of them

  1. Thank you for “following” me…and it brought you to my attention and I am grateful for the connection that’s resulted. I sure get what you’re saying, and it’s awesome to know that we are not alone in our quest to become more and more of our bests selves. Thanks for contributing to the positivity…you are making a wonderful change 🙂

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    1. That’s also what I thought very grateful to meet you as well. Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes indeed it is up to us to make our life the best as possible and to be positive. If I can share that with others and create a change then that is all I can wish for 🙂 Keep on being awesome!

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  2. Thank you for putting yourself in my blog orbit and I’m now following you, too. I love your affirmations – a gentle reminder of the good in the world. As Steve Jobs was fond of saying, “here’s to the crazy ones.” It’s better to live and live your truth than to become part of the status quo. The crazy ones have more fun and find their joy while status quo is a flat straight line from birth to death.

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  3. Gosh I just remember a line on the movie “Deck The Halls” when Buddy Hall said, ” I want my house to be seen from space! So I want to put as many Christmas lights as I can”. Then Tia Hall said, “don’t you think that’s crazy?” Danny said, “successful people has the most craziest ideas” something like that..

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