…Keep Breathing…

…Keep Breathing…
What do you do when you feel crushed on your feet with no where to go, no one to trust, trapped, when you feel the weight of a thousand years down on your chest? You breathe, you take a deep breath, you take in as much air as you can and you thank God for being alive. Stand there, listen. To your own heart beat. You were given a gift. You were given an incredible power. Do you believe in magic? I do. I believe anything is possible. You are possible. You can. Believe. Sometimes hope is the only thing we have. And yet it is so much. Breathe. Cherish that moment. You have it inside you. You’ve had it all along. You know. Use it. Use it for good. Use it to empower yourself. Shout. Make some noise. In the process you’ll empower others. Start your journey now. No more excuses. Start today the life you want tomorrow.

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