I Survived…

A Face In The Crowd

You threw stones,

You smirked when I was in pain,

You laughed at my failures,

You made fun of me in my hardships,

You back bitched about me. 

But, you know what, I SURVIVED.

The stones you threw, I made my road out of them.

The smirk you had made me endure my pain.

Your laughter in my failures, well that echoed in my ears and constantly motivated me to do better.

Making fun of my hardships wasn’t a good deed, you should not have forgotten, TIME NEVER REMAINS THE SAME.

And when you back bitched about me, well that was the time I knew that I am moving, moving forward in right direction.

I guess, I should credit you. You were the constant motivator in my journey. 

For all my fiends who wants to reach heights. Focus only on yourself, you are your only support.The sludge they threw will…

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13 thoughts on “I Survived…

  1. really motivational , you never stopped cause your made of ashed 🙂 and inspiration for other to not worry about what others say about them when infact it do hurt i will say and you do not want to face these kinds of things but your brave 🙂

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