Break the box, prove them wrong. You are not defined by their words, you are not defined by the way they perceive you. I don’t believe in adjectives to characterise people. She is shy they used to tell me. Well, I am speaking up now. I am using my voice to fight back. To prove them wrong. They say success is the best of revenge.. this is what I am working on.

She doesn’t talk. She mustn’t be interesting then… Lies. I do not believe in that. Everyone has a story, a legend that you need to hear and that will make you grow. She is shy. Lies. I do not believe in shyness. People act in different ways with different people. They just deem you unworthy of seeing them at their best. So they show you the only thing you will ever want to hear because in reality, you don’t care either. So why would they bother?

True souls take time to uncover. But if you are patient enough you can discover a whole new world, a perspective and a wilderness of its own. They are there, they exist. You just have to be attentive enough to their calling. Sometimes some people are just waiting for you to unlock their magic. There is so much more to this world than what meets the eye… you would be surprised. Dig deeper and try to discover the hidden truths around you.

Yours Forever,





24 thoughts on “OUT OF THE BOX

  1. So beautiful article! So true. You literally have a strong inspiring voice speaking out of the articles. Loved it. Do keep writing and never stop that. Let us spread these words more amd more 😊

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      1. Thanks a lot for so big words! No i am not so great person. Just the one spreading some kindness and love everywhere i go.. 😊😊

        Yea you too! Stay blessed! ⛅

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  2. Really good! Let’s stop defining people! We all are a constant and moving work of art, in action! So how can we be defined by a trait or an act? Let’s catch our judging thought, whenever it occurs and curiously observe instead.

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  3. Reblogged this on Cowgirl and commented:
    I can so relate to this so well. I do act differently around certain people. There some people that I can be myself and just to let go for awhile. Such inspirational post!!

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