Never let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Never let anyone try to bring you down. Because you can and you will prove them wrong. They don’t own you. Their words don’t define you. And most of all they don’t know you. Never let anyone try to define you. You are too complex to be described by words. Human personality doesn’t fit into boxes. It defines its own lines. Your future is yours. They do not see the vision you have, the goals you have set yourself and your determination to achieve them. They do not see the hard work, the behind-the-scenes of it all. So they cannot judge for their judgement will be solely based on one side of the story. Write your own novel. Break the boundaries and let the ink run overboard on all the pages. You are filled with so much energy, so much emotions, so much strength. Use it to create something. Something great. Learn to channel your energy and your passion into something productive. Create something, defend an idea, learn a new skill. Always push yourself. And one day, one day you will see, you will be so ahead of them, they will be far gone from your eyesight. They don’t define you for they do not see the vision ahead.






40 thoughts on “VISION

      1. Yeah i will! 😊 I’ve written many. Will post them soon. I can’t just because i have some school stuffs pending.. so will post soon ✌

        Welcomed dear friend! Just keep smiling! 🙃

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      2. Thanks a lot for the wishes! 😊 I’ll be back in a week. Great wishes to you too! For blog and school stuffs 😊👍👍

        Good day! ⛅🤗

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