Invest your time wisely…

You have one aim. One shot. It’s called life. It’s yours. Yours to take care of, yours to waste. Time is your currency. You give a bit of it just to move to the next level. Sometimes you fall on a good deal and it makes you progress and sometimes you waste your time. YOU WASTE YOUR TIME. That’s when you procrastinate, or you fall into the trap of giving too much importance to life’s distractions. You have one aim. One shot. One mission. Find it. And once you found it, invest so much energy and time on it that your head hurts, your muscles ache, your blood veins are racing. Be that person you’ve always wanted to be, you’ve always wanted others to see you as, you’ve always wanted to look like. Have values that you stand for, that you know that no matter what life throws at you there are things in you that will never change and that is where you stand on your ground. And most of all have faith. Have faith that God has laid out a path for you, a road you can take without fear and without regret. One mission. Invest your time wisely…


12 thoughts on “Invest your time wisely…

  1. Absolutely love the idea! I wrote a blog about time being an asset, runs very true with your idea that we must spend it wisely and work towards creating a valuable return!

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