Open up your eyes…

Life is so beautiful, it makes you want to wake up with a smile every morning, to scream out loud your happiness, to care for others, to love, to have faith, to believe you can change the world if you want to. Life is a mixture of all these little moments, these little experiences that make you who you are, that shape you, make you stronger, make you happy, make you sad even. But never forget that your happiness comes from within. That you can be going through the most horrible events, you can still be happy with yourself, content with who you are and who you have become. How? may you ask. By not being stuck in your present but having your heart turned towards the future, the times when it will all make sense again, when everything will be how it should be, how you know it can be, how you imagine it to be. You are so worth it, that your dreams deserve to be realized, and if you believe enough, you know somehow it is meant to be. God is here to help you. You are not alone. And you are not one in a million, you are unique and you deserve every bit of success that is yet to come your way. Don’t give up now, you don’t want to miss it, trust me. It will be so great you cannot even imagine what is about to come your way. Just open up your eyes and you might see…all that you can be



21 thoughts on “Open up your eyes…

      1. Thanks for following my blog!

        I hear alot about being in the present moment. If we can find the good in whatever is going on, it does help. Yet hope is so important as you point out. It is the foundation for faith.

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  1. ❄ღ⁀⋱‿ ✴… A vida é uma dádiva! Maravilhosa… Saber apreciá-la, amá-la em cada detalhe, é viver contagiado… é sentir purificado… Belo texto!
    Beijos de chocolate e muito mais amor e paz!◕‿-。

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