Your Pain is your gift

Pain is necessary. Don’t you realise the greatest achievements come after times of despair? That you need this pain as a wake up call from God? It is for you to embrace and bounce off from. It is for you to take in, and throw back into the world. You can either take it as your fate or stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Pain is not a curse. It is a force. It is a strength. For the years to come, you will have a reason to wake up every morning to change the world around you. You will see the world differently because you have been through hell and there is no way you are going back. You become your own force, your own superhero. You become invincible. Pain is like a test. If you pass it, you graduate and there is nothing you cannot confront afterwards. You grow thick skin, you acquire experience and you become stronger. This is what recovering from pain looks like and should look like. It should empower you instead of bring you down. It should make you realize your strength instead of making you believe you are week. It should give you a direction for your actions in the future, it should give you a reason instead of making you feel lost. This is what pain looks like. This is what pain is for. Wherever you are in life, just remember PAIN IS TEMPORARY. There is nothing you cannot overcome. And if pain is here it is because it is your test. Like every test, you have to work hard on it to pass. It isn’t impossible. It is for you to be stronger. It is for you to have a story that inspires others one day.



18 thoughts on “Your Pain is your gift

  1. Gosh at the moment I’m feeling like what was a test is now a series of life altering never ending exams, the pain doesn’t like letting up… but I have to think of it positively and it will be a positive test. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. No thank you for sharing. There is nothing you cannot achieve and I know you will find the end of the tunnel. Sometimes you have to take a step back from events to understand better what it is you want from life. To try to change your perspective. I know sometimes it ia hard and you just want to throw all hope away but if you believe in that hope, in that one day when it will get better, then it will. Hope this helps. Have a beautiful day.

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  2. Thank you for sharing, it is true that pain is temporary it is a test. I too believe that God will not give us anything that we cannot get through with His help. Just what I needed on this first day of December!

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  3. “You will see the world differently because you have been through hell” and “If you pass it, you graduate and there is nothing you cannot confront afterwards.” Totally agree! The deepest, purest, loveliest people are the ones that have known pain.

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