To our mistakes

Missed opportinities… there are so many things in life that we can dwell on, that we could’ve done differently. Those are not failures. They are lessons. They make us realize things about ourselves, our enviroment and how we interact with it. They make us realize the discrepancy between how others see us and how we would like to be seen. ” If only I had answered him this, if only I had done that…” but no. We didn’t. Did you ever think this could be for a reason? Maybe we weren’t meant to say these things or do things a certain way. Maybe it is better kept for next time. Maybe it is better kept for us to learn from those mistakes and be more self aware. For next time. For next time, when somebody attacks me, I will know what to say, I will know how to react. And if it isn’t next time, then it means I still need to learn. Life is made of beautiful mistakes for us to learn more. We are all like students of The Lord. Next time ypu make a mistake or have a regret, smile wide and remember you are still learning. But also know there is nothing you can’t do and one day, one day you will get it right. Don’t worry.

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