1, 2, 3, ACTION

Think of life as a series. No, better: a telenovela. So much happens in those right? The characters take initiatives, make mistakes, are always looking for something. They are never still. They are never boring. Well this is how much fun things should happen in your life. Because you deserve it! You deserve to be the protagonist of a great show, the hero of a fantastic story. You deserve to take initiatives, to be successful, to make a tons of mistakes, to laugh aloud, to be mean, to be nice, to be real. To live. Think about your audience. What kind of show would they like to see? One where you stay at home all day? Or one where you go out into the world and have crazy adventures? Don’t be afraid to take risks for life is but a movie that people will one day watch on the big screen…


3 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, ACTION

    1. Reading about it is the first step. At least it means you realize where you are and where you want to be. Nothing is impossible. You will get there sooner than you think. Everything is in your mind. Everything is a matter of perspective. Ask yourself what you are doing in your life that isn’t working for you and try to focus on the things you like most. Change your perspective. Everything is a blessing if you look at it that way. Happiness is in you already.

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