I chose survivor

There are so many things in life that we do not control. And for a reason. Maybe it is because we should instead spend our time changing the things we can actually control. Like ourselves. Our minds, our objectives, our actions, our motivations. Our success. Yes you are in charge of your own success. You can decide to take chances and make things happen or you can decide to just sit there and wish for one day something to happen. You choose wether you are ACTIVE or PASSIVE. You choose whether you stay in your comfort zone or you get out into the world. You chose whether you let your demons take you over, or you stand up and fight them. You are the sole responsible for your happiness or your fall. Everyone has setbacks, problems, disadvantages, tragedies, scars. The only difference is some look at them and consider themselves as victims and others know they are survivors. Are you a victim or a survivor?

19 thoughts on “I chose survivor

      1. You have to want it, you have to take a step back and be detached from the events and think: what are your goals in life? Where do you want to be in 3 years time? Even if it is crazy, set yourself goals. Then a strategy for those goals. Then stick to them. Canalize your efforts into something you like and spend all your time on it. You need to focus your energy on yourself, on doing what you like most and on positivity. You are here for a reason. You are going through what you are going through because it is for you to grow. I know you can overcome this because nothing is impossible and if you set your mind to it, if you force yourself to get out of it then you will. Sometimes happiness starts with a forced smile. Time will help. Best of luck to you.


      2. Thank you so much man. Your words are truly motivating. Especially when you said “sometimes happiness comes with a forced smile”. If it had been some other pain,not emotional then I could have bounced on my own. But you are right, my goal for life is not what I feel. Its something else.
        Thanks man. I’ll try to look forward to it. Thanks again.

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  1. I love finding alternate opposites as writing prompts. Another great example: survivor and victim. Survivor, in the sense of a life of empowerment and resilience and victim, in the sense of becoming disenfranchised and disengaged from life.

    Thank you for lending me an idea for a personal esssy for my blog. Cancer reminds me to be a survivor I must find my resilience and strength or succomb and become its victim.

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  2. WOW!!! I am so proud of you!🌠💫💖🌞
    You’re making a wonderful difference in a lot of ways and for a lot of people everywhere! 💖😘 Way to go!! I’m so glad you’re writings are here! They inspire me to keep trying and look up, and live life ! I too am a survivor, and with Jesus, more than a conqueror!
    Prayers and Praise to God for messages that come from a survivor’s heart!
    They are the most powerful of all!😘💖💫👼 Andrea🐾🐈

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    1. WOW THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!💕❤😀 no one has ever said that to me! Stay who you are and keep being AWESOME and spreading encouraging messages. You rock at that! With God’s help everything is possible and I wish you all the best on your jouney with all my heart. So happy to be a part of it!!! God bless you💕💐😘

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