We must let our failures empower us.

We must let our failures empower us. Those moments of rage and despair need to be a lesson for us to grow. Don’t ever regret. Happened what had to happen. You cannot go back but you can go forward. So use this as a motivation so that next time you will not be dumfounded, so that next time you will know yourself a bit better and trust yourself to make the right decisions. Those moments of failure are a great time of self reflection to help us understand what it is we want in this life and why something didn’t work out. Let these moment be a driving force for you to get back up, not waste time regretting, but focus your energy on doing something better. Most times it is because we are not in the right place in our lives where we should be. Maybe it is a sign. To get back up and work on actually getting to where we belong and to reach the greatness we were meant to achieve. Maybe this failure was meant for you. To make you realize you are made for greater things.  Let them empower you to do even greater things.





6 thoughts on “We must let our failures empower us.

  1. Bonsoir ou bonjour mon ami (ie)
    Regarde un peu la lune
    Là haut dans le ciel
    Son sourire est celui que je t’adresse
    Regardes les étoiles
    Ces gouttes de miel
    Ce sont tous mes bisous pour, toi
    Qui retombent en pluie
    Je te souhaite une bonne soirée
    Suivie d’une douce nuit
    Regarde un peu , là haut dans le ciel
    C’est une partie de moi
    Avec mon sourire quand tout vas bien
    Ce jour je me sens bien alors je profite de m’arrêter chez toi
    Je t’adresse tous mes bisous D amitié
    Comme des rayons de soleil
    Qui viennent réchauffer ta demeure
    Gros bisous BERNARD
    Une image de tendresse belle journée

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