It is GOLD

There is a beautiful thing about this life it is that connection you have with other people. Whether it is friendship or love, always believe there is someone out there somewhere with whom you can share. A connection, a memory, an instant. It is what empowers us, what makes us a greater person than to connect with others. Sometimes it lasts and sometimes you learn. But remember you mustn’t be afraid to try. To give a chance. There is always a story behind each one of us. An incredible piece of gold that we treasure. If you manage to understand others’ story, to give them enough confidence for them to share with you the gold they have inside them, then you may learn so, so much. Sometimes, you just have to go a bit the extra mile, do that extra step that separates you from hearing that great story. You won’t regret it.


Have a wonderful day wherever in the world you are and may our paths one day meet to discover each other’s wonders,


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