Take it in. Cherish the moment. Sometimes you just gotta live in the now. This very moment is yours to remember, yours to act upon, yours to breathe, yours to cherish. Inhale. Exhale. Let the sweet fill of oxygen open up your heavy lungs. Breathe out. Let the world know you are alive. Today is a brand new day, full of opportunities, full of chances, full of greatness. And that greatness you have it in you. So don’t be afraid to let it out. Don’t be afraid to breathe and step out of your shell. Breathe out. Let go of your fears for they are only holding you back. You were meant to be free. So Breathe in and breathe out this moment, this second, this instant and don’t fear. Let your jaw lift into a cosy smile, your eyes widen to take in the view, your brain rest from its worries and take in the moment. For this is a new opportunity awaiting your word.pexels-photo-132037

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